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We are running a tipping competition for BRC members and their friends. Entry is £10 which goes into the prize fund. Please find the rules below, and you can enter here.

Please ensure all entry fees are paid before the first race on Tuesday 15th March.

  1. One selection for every race each day, one of which is the ‘nap’. Calculated according to starting price, you will have £1 on each selection apart from the nap, which will have £2 riding on it. So losers in all 7 races (including a nap) on any given day will give you a running total of minus £8, while a winning selection at 2-1 will get you plus £2 or (if it is your nap) plus £4.
  2. All entry money will be returned to entrants in prize money apart from a small administration fee to cover costs. The prizemoney will be divided up as follows: winner 50%, second 25%, third 15%, fourth 5%, fifth 5%.
  3. Please let us have your selections as early as possible, and please include the racecard number on each of the 4 days – ideally by noon but definitely before the time of the first race (racing starts at 1.30pm). Once you have submitted your day 1 selections it is your responsibility to remember to make selections for the next 3 days – if you fail to do so by first race time you will be given losers throughout that particular day.
  4. Please email over your entries to Tara Melik tara@britishracingclub.co.uk
  5. Any selections that are non-runners can only be changed up to the time of the first race. If a non-runner is selected the entrant will be given the favourite as their selection. If there are joint favourites the selection will be given as the lowest racecard number. This way everyone has a runner in every race.
  6. The more entrants the better, so if you have any friends or family that want to enter they are welcome to do so, providing you can get the money off them first
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