Terms and Conditions of Membership

  1. British Racing Club (“BRC”) is a club that confers on its members (for the duration of their membership of the BRC) certain benefits associated with the BRC involvement with racehorse ownership.
  2. BRC is a registered racing club with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and Weatherbys. BRC will be administered by GBR Racing Ltd , company registration number 13549258.
  3. Membership will run for a full 12 months from the calendar date of first payment made by the Member. Membership covers the relevant racing season during this period, whether flat or jumps.
  4. There is no commitment to remain a Member after the 12-month period has expired. Members will have an automatic right to continue Membership at the prevailing rates for the next 12-month period.
  5. BRC membership subscriptions are payable annually in advance or monthly/quarterly instalments in advance. This subscription includes VAT where applicable. Non-payment of the subscriptions constitutes a material breach of the Terms and members who fail to pay for two consecutive months are deemed to be in arrears and shall have their membership made void. Any monies owed to an individual shall be held by BRC.
  6. BRC membership is strictly non­-transferable and is personal to each club member. In the event of a member’s death, membership lapses automatically.
  7. In no circumstances may a BRC member give, sell, transfer or lend his/her membership or offer such membership as security or put his/her membership to any commercial use.
  8. The payment for membership will be considered as acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  9. Consumer legislation gives a Member the right to cancel a new contract they enter into with BRC within 14 days of the date it is agreed. A Member can cancel their new Membership by returning the membership badge within 14 days of purchase and BRC will refund their payment in full. The member will forfeit all rights to any prize money payments that would have been due at the termination of the contract.
  10. All decisions relating to the administration and financial affairs of BRC will be made by the management team of BRC. Members will have no management power or role.
  11. No Member of BRC should engage with the BHA, Weatherbys, racecourses or the media on BRC behalf or on racing related matters.
  12. Given the nature of horse racing BRC are unable to guarantee the number of races BRC horses will run in during the ownership year.
  13. Members are advised that participation in this horseracing venture is not an investment and is to be engaged upon purely for the purposes of enjoyment and entertainment.
  14. All printed or published material issued by the BRC is material in which all copyright and other intellectual property rights and interests remain vested in the Club. Specifically, but without limitation, the name “British Racing Club” and the logo are the Club’s property and are registered trade marks.
  15. No person may apply for BRC membership unless at least 18 years of age and the membership for any person who, having joined the club, is found to be less than 18 years of age will be terminated immediately without Refund.
  16. BRC reserve the right to terminate or suspend any membership with immediate effect at any time if, in the management’s opinion, conduct by the member is damaging to the character or interests of the Club or offensive to other members or staff.
  17. If the management of the BRC is of the opinion at any time that there are insufficient members to fund the Club’s activities at a level consistent with its objectives then the management reserves the right not to proceed with the intended horse racing activities of the Club for the relevant year and, upon exercising this right, to refund to all those who have paid a subscription the full amount of that subscription without interest.
  18. BRC, owned by GB Racing Ltd, has processes in place to comply with GDPR. For full information please refer to our “Privacy Policy” on our website.

19.   The benefits of membership include the following:­

  1. a) To have the enjoyment of participating as a member of a Club that is involved in the training and racing of racehorses, leased on either a full (100%) or part lease (75% or 50%).
  2. b) Eligibility for owner badges for races days. Balloting and a rota system will be applied for oversubscription issues. BRC will endeavour to obtain as many badges and admissions as the racecourse will allow.
  3. c) Opportunities to participate in stable and gallops visits and other events throughout the year.
  4. d) Regular updates on the progress of the BRC horses and all that is happening amongst the BRC community.
  5. e) A share of 90 % of the prize money due dependent on the term of lease to be divided equally amongst all paid up members of the BRC on the day that the prize money was won. The total prize money owing to any Member will be paid on the last day of their 12 month membership period if all membership fees have been paid in full.
  6. BRC reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

These Terms are in full compliance with the British Horseracing Authority (“BHA”) Shared Ownership Regulation “Racing Club Code of Conduct” effective 1st May 2021.

British Racing Club
Lodgelands, Balcombe, West Sussex RH17 6LA