Take your love of racing to
the next level…

Take your love of racing to
the next level…

Experience ownership with six exciting racehorses from just £50 a month.

About Us

Welcome to
The British Racing Club

The British Racing Club allows racing fans to experience the adventure of racehorse ownership at an affordable price point. Allow our experienced team to immerse you in the world of racing, getting you closer to the action than ever before!


Our Horses

One of the most significant ways that the British Racing Club differs from other clubs and syndicates is our method of sourcing horses.

The BRC horses are leased, not bought, from their owners and breeders. This model means that we have the best chance of having a team of horses that can win races. If for any number of reasons (soundness, temperament, ability…) one of our horses is not suitable for racing, it can be returned to its owner to go to stud or to be retrained for another discipline, at no further cost to the Club.


Joining the British Racing Club is a fantastic way to take your passion for racing to the next level!

For an all-inclusive subscription, with no further fees to pay, you will receive regular updates on your six horses in training, have access to mornings on the gallops, and go racing as an owner when your horses run! You will also be joining a vibrant online and offline community of passionate racing fans, enjoying the rollercoaster of racehorse ownership with likeminded people.


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